Monday, June 30, 2014

Works, Works, Works!

Hello everybody!
As always It's a busy busy time in our land!
Our Elfs have crafted new wonderful statues and grant your's wishes.
Here some pictures of your requests:

Magic wooden hair sticks

Lucky Charm Pencil

Wonderful Ivy Ogham


A Great Gray version of the Dagda Mor, It's looks like a Riace Bronze

Cute Green Version of the Elf on the crystal ball

River Goddess tin Pendant

If you follow me on twitter, Istagram, Pinterest or FB you know, for sure, all the updates about my works..and you for sure know that today I have finished the new altar statue of the Moon Goddess! She is absolutly beautiful! Isn't her?!

What do you think about my works? Do you like them?
Light & Love

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