Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scary Day

A rather peculiar presence was around the Fairy's Cave, tonight.
Mists obscure have preceded him, accompanied later by the screech of horses. An icy air was beginning to breathe, when from the darkness, a figure blacker than pitch, started to be visible. A black cloak, no face under the hood and a long black scythe in hand.
Everyone, almost everyone, at that sight have gone to hide. Only the Drows were still at their stations, honoring the name of the Goblins & Fairys.
The Grim Reaper had no bad intentions at all, but rather a request for the goblins of the Goblins & Fairys. Having heard of the wonders from the Fairy's Cave, he wanted an artwork from that enchanted place. that was worthy of his darkness and that it had its representation.
Drow, Trow, Troll, Kelpie, Pooka, Spriggan, all the darkest essences of the Goblins & Fairys have come together to think about the object to create.
A beautiful Scrying Mirror, that's what they crafted!
The Grim Reaper was thrilled. Already rose in his chariot, when he turns to the Drows for a last request.
After having done to himself such a beautiful gift, he lacked just a beautiful cake to celebrate, but he did not knows anyone worthy of such an honor, who could be able to prepare it?
To this question a unanimous chorus came out from the Fairy's Cave, "The Giant of The Magic Cauldron!"
Do you say that the giant will had had scared!? Cross the Fairy's Cave to reach the Magic Cauldron, I'm sure you will find your answer, as well as the wonderful comissioned cake.
For the Scrying Mirror you can go to the section "Scrying Mirror"

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Litha Dinner

Big party these days for our friends of the Little People!
The giant of the Magic Cauldron gave his best to make a really great dinner!
Even our fairies have led as a guest of excellence, after have smelled the so inviting aromas coming from the kitchen, nothing less than their Queen!
To thank the giant of the Magic Cauldron of all the delicious food that he was cooking, the Fairy Queen gave him an amulet of protection, symbol of the festivity, as gift. Every single grass had been carefully chosen by the wiser leprechauns, then packaged by the love of all the fairies and sealed by the Goddess
The giant of the Magic Cauldron was in seventh heaven, but we can assure you that after the feast our elves are back even more excited of him!
A cold Vodka Lemonade, so delicate That You could drink in quantity, you can ask to our goblins! Grilled Tuna in a unique sauce, carrots with orange juice, perfect for our fairys, the wholewheat bread with sundried tomatoes and the motif of oak leaves, in honor of the Green Man, and finally a truly unique Berry Yogurt Ice, for all gourmands.
You find the food and the amulet attractive? then run to look at the pictures, you will find them irresistible!
Goblins&Fairys, Amulet: "Festivity Gifts"
Magic Cauldron: "Pagan Food-Litha Food"


Something special will arrive tomorrow, the Pooka of the Goblins&Fairys and the giant of the Magic Cauldron will head to the Black Rabbit (A magical little shop on 8 Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland) to delight with new products your eyes, but especially your taste buds with a piece of cake for free!!
See you there!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Scary Ogres

This day of Alban Heruin is the hinge and center of the year. The sun stands at meridian height. At this time, the bond between heaven and Earth is strongest, and sun, the regent of light and center of the spinning worlds, make most urgent his message at this turning point of the year. The meaning of Alban Heruin is the light of shore, for the shore is the meeting place of sea and land, where the two borders tremble together in a circle around the Earth. Thus we celebrate the glory of high summer, remembering the winter past and the winter to come.Many people are going in various places near rivers and mountains to celebrate the summer solstice. Everybody have started to work collecting the wood to create the big wheels intertwined with sprigs of wheat. A fairly unusual occurrence took place because of these celebrations. Our troll more curious is gone once again through the Fairy's Cave to reach the Magic Cauldron. Here's what he saw:
Due to the noise that people was making on the mountains, the ogres who live there and who love peace did not know what to do to scare them view the numerical inferiority. They headed towards the Giant's cave hoping in the giant's strength as aid. The giant after have listened the request is went immediately to the cauldron. He started to take what more was obscure among its ingredients, and mitigate all with the fresh squids caught from the dolphins and Given to him like gift. Mixed the ingredients a delicious and scented, but terrifying, black pasta came out of the cauldron.The ogres at the sight of this dish were astonished, they did not understand how such a dish can be helpful them, they had not at all asked to be fed.
The giant then explains that after eating they will have black teeth and a stinking breath, that certainly would scared anyone, even an entire army. Happy the ogres go away and the giant happy resumes its activities, since everything the little people is making party for his queen and soon will be requested its delicacies.

Happy Litha to all of you

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big Surprise

Here's the big surprise that the Sidhe's children of the Goblins & Fairys have created for the ancient Druid tradition. Three beautiful walking staff, carefully carved by the meticulous hands of the pixies.
Each stone compared to its element has been chosen from his elemental, while for the totem animals, the ogham and symbols bound to the gods have rallied the ancient guardians who reside in the circles of stones. All have worked tirelessly to bring to the light of the human eye these wonders that for centuries, even today, remain steadfast in the traditions.
Looks at the section "Druidic Staves"