Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May Fire

This night is the night of love.
Beltaine is the night where we celebrate the union between the Lord and the Lady. This is the night between the  spring equinox and the summer solstice, where the fires of passion burn and the dark of the winter gives way to the light of the summer.
The May Queen and the Green Man bestow their blessing upon the Earth and Her creatures. Their union become the example for all humanity to live in love and harmony.
May the light of the May Fire bring happiness and peace into your life, may we all always dwell in the joy of the Lady and the Lord.
Happy Beltaine!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Project

Hello Everybody!
How was you Easter?
Here in Italy we have a really long period of holiday, after Easter on 20th, we had the Liberation Day on 25 April, in Italy the anniversary of the liberation from fascism. And now the 1th of May we are going to have the Labour Day, many people have taken this combination of events to make a wonderful trip.
Also here at the Goblins&Fairys we have taken a little break for Easter, but the Little People are always in ferment and have worked to a wonderful project!
Take a look here:

Our little friends were involved with the realization of the statues
What do you think?

Other pictures in the "Fantasy Figurines" section

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Easter!

Are you ready to hunt eggs?!
Even the little people is organizing the big event.
Every year they make a competition to see who find more eggs. The fairies are hidden among the flowers from the day before, hoping to see the Easter Bunny hides the eggs. Even the goblins are camouflaged among the roots of trees, but unfailingly the winners are always the same ... the squirrels!
They are really skilled! Moreover they train all year round with the acorn and walnuts!
Someone, however, has decided that this year wants revenge and has formulated a foolproof plan!
Reflection and study have brought this little troll to think that what he needed was more arms .. and you're done!
What do you say, will he win the race?
Hey! but what has he in the hand?! "Happy Birthday"?!
So someone of you is celebrating a birthday! Happy birthday then!
And Happy Easter to all!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

For a Very Special Person

As I told you not much time ago, a wonderful Fairy has arrived to the Goblins&Fairys for a very special request.
You have to know that what they say about fairies is totaly true! They born from the first laugh of a baby and unfortunatly die when someone stop to believe in them.
For this reason any kids are precious for all the fairies and also any person who still believe in them, is very important!
Do you believe in them?
There is a little girl whom believe in them so intensely and with so much passion, that the fairies come to visit her during the night, she doesn't know that, but they watch over her day and night. Fairies are vain and love the way the little girl speaks of them, of their beauty and elegance!
The birthday of this special girl was coming and this is the motif for which the wonderful Fairy is arrived to the Goblins&Fairys.
She knows that the fairies can't be seen by the kids, but this doesn't forbid to the fairy to leave a present for the girl, in her room.
What do you think? The little girl will be happy of the gift?!

Happy Birthday!

"Fantasy Figurines" section

Monday, April 7, 2014

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Easter is coming!
Do you remember the sketches that I posted some time ago?
Well! The little Easter trolls are finished and already on sale on Etsy!
Do not miss them and if you have any suggestions for the next ones, you just have to write me!

("Fantasy Figurines" section)

Our Master Goblin is busy as ever, soon I will tell the story of the beautiful fairy came to the Goblins & Fairys some time ago, but first I want to show a new variant of the statue of Dagda designed by our artist!

("Altar Statues" section)

A few months ago a follower of the Goddess Danu is arrived at the Goblins & Fairys asking for a statue of the deity, whom he loved.
The first copy was made white, in line with the other altar statues. But this statue, because of the very nature of the Mother Goddess, tied to the land, needed a beautiful reproduction colorful! And it's from this copy that our Master Goblin was inspired for the statue of the Dagda.
And what do you like to see?

("Altar Statues" section)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Story of a Dream – Part 3 of 3

After days of work , the statue is finally ready !
The Master Goblin and the Great Spirit of the Forest have met in the middle of the forest. Even the small poodle was invited . She still has not seen the finished work , It was there , leaning on a rock and covered with a cloth .
For a grand gesture of the Great Spirit , a light breeze start to get up , little luminescent fairies have came and have raised , with a small vortex , the towel leaning on the statue .
The poodle can not believe his eyes! She is incredulous and confused. A wolf ! The statue represent a wolf !
The Great Spirit of the Forest come close to the little friend and explains her that no mistake has been made, that the statue represent exactly her! Her essence , her spirit!
The poodle looks around a little confused ..
From behind the trees come out the majestic silver wolfs , now gathered in a circle around to our friends for greet their new companion with long, deep howl !
She, too, is now part of the pack, now you can see her immense joy!

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