Handfasting Service


Divinations, pagan products and cloth's sculptures of the fantasy world.

The choices of our products for the Handfasting are numerous and range from the organization of the altar to clothing for spouses and guests.

The products for the altar can also be taken only for rent, excluding those subject to consumption during the ritual:

1. Altar Cloth (if you buy one we can craft it with different symbols of your choice)
2. Altar Statues (any deity)
3. Candles (with colors, essences and symbols designed on the links of the couple with their deities)
4. Pouch with Herbs to use during the ritual
5. Laces for hands
6. Floral Decorations for the altar

Objects exclusively for rent for the ceremony:

For those who want to make the ceremony special and fantastic decorating the environment with magic creatures, unique in their kind, you can rent our particular statues in cloth, do not miss them, visit on our blog the “Fantasy Land" section.

The Dresses for the ceremonies are drawn at the request of clients.
We manufacture clothing for men and women of every size and gender (Celtic, Wiccan, Greek, etc.)
The purchase of the dress also includes the Tiaras and crowns of flowers and shrubs.

For those who want to leave a memory of the happy event for your guests, remaining open to the ideas of the couple, here are some of our lovely proposals:
1. Bottles or Amulets for protection, healing, love, etc.
2. Small figurines to choose from Fairies, Goblins and Dragons

As gift for have chosen the Goblins&Fairys’s service, a surprise from our pixies.


Each item rented and damaged during the ceremony will be repaid in full.

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