Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mabon's Gifts

An inviting scent has invaded the Goblins & Fairys. All the little people followed the odors to the Magic Cauldron, finding food and drink in honor of Mabon. The celebrations went on all night and at dawn the Leprechauns, now drunk, have approached the giant and yelled: "Surpriseeeeeeeeeee!". Behind them sprang out of the Green Fairy, daughter of Mabon with long hair of the color of the sea and the clothes reflecting the colors of the earth, with some gifts.
She approached to the Magic Cauldron's Giant and to all present giving them the keyrings of protection, kissed by Light of Shore (Mabon).
Everyone was happy, nothing could be more perfect!
I beg you, do not miss the culinary wonders of the Magic Cauldron!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Mabon

The Wheel of the Year is turning ever, through Sun tides and moon tides, through seasons and harvests, for plants, for animals, and for people, for all life moves Within the Wheel of the Year from life to death to life again. The balance and the harmony of the dance of our life is the spiral dance of Eternal Energy, lead by the God guiding us. He yearly travels the path of Nature on our Behalf That we know and not fear the cycles of our being, for balance and harmony in the motion of life are His truths. So we give you our best wishes for Mabon and we hope to bring balance and harmony in your homes through our jams, fruit of the harvest of Mabon.

"Festivity Gifts"

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Mabon is coming and a wonderfull Green Fairy is arrived to the Magic Oak of the Goblins&Fairys for take part to the Festivity.
Our photographer Chaz, the snail's goblin biker, is taking some pictures of the guest, but someone else is arrived to grab the spot-light, could you image who was?
Two really lively girls, Mad Madam Mim and her sister!
Chaz wanted to run away, the snail was ready to go, but being engaged with the lovely little witch, he had to take some pictures also to the two girls.
Dont you think they are adorable!?
Keep in touch for the coming Mabon's products!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Three Great Masters

More Bottles of protection, strong and effective, were created with the new harvest. To meet different cultures, the little fairies who deal with the selection of the herbs have decided, before to make put the seal from the wise dwarf, to call 3 different aides of the Goblins & Fairys and make put the new seals to them.
The leprechaun senior teacher of the symbols Oghamici, The Big Trow of the mountains, wise connoisseur of the runes, and, in the end, the erudite Air Dragon, learned observer of the heavenly bodies.
What an honor to be in presence of these three great masters, observe at their work and you'll be thrilled

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Fairies and elves go back and forth, through new products and replicas of things existing, in the magic oak of the Goblins & Fairys, there has never break!
If you could only imagine how much there is still to do!
Today the Little People want to show you the prototypes of the new amulets, do not miss them!

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dark Air Dragon

As some of you already know, one of our dragons has asked  his reproduction made ​​of resin.
A enterprise not really simple, a strong  and dark dragon certainly could not be crafted by anyone!
Luckily the lands of the Sidhe are vast and the creatures of the Goblins & Fairys of various kinds, and so our Drows are came to help making themselves ​​available.
Do not miss this rare small black pearl in the "Fantasy Lamd" section.