Monday, March 31, 2014

The Story of a Dream – Part 2 of 3

The days are passing  and the Master Goblin is really busy. He is working to the new trolls for Easter and a wonderful Fairy is arrived to the Goblins&Fairys with a new request. But a good friend can't forget a promise!
Every morning he asks to the little poodle to pose for a portrait.
It seems that the Great Spirit of the Forest is arrived to the Goblins&Fairys asking for a little statue for his collection.
The Master Goblin, in agree with he Great Spirit, has decided to take as model the little poodle for distract her and make her happy.
If i know a little bit the Master Goblin, and i do, I'm sure there will be something more. So stay here and wait with me! Lets see what happens!

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Story of a Dream – Part 1 of 3

The 16th of this month we had the full moon, many celebrations have been done in the land of the Sidhe. All the Little People were worshipping the Silver Lady eating, drinking and dancing!
The atmosphere was magical and warm, like an hug for your heart.
In the exact moment in which the Lady has reached her greatest glory, a minute of silent was revered. Everyone was standing still, looking at the Moon.
A pack of wolf has started to run out from the forest. It's impossible to explain their magnificent. They were running but without to touch the ground, they were surrounded from a luminescent veil and their fur, under the light of the Lady of the Night, was shining like silver.
A spectator in particular has been touched from this mystique vision. A lovely little white poodle. She is so small and often considered as a simple dog for a couch, but in her heart she is much more! Like Don Quixote, when she barks to a little wall, actually she is able to see behind what your eyes are able to see.
Master Goblin knows her very well and he perfectly understood what she was feeling during that night.
For days she has been so depressed, but i'm sure that The Master Goblin is already thinking to a surprise for her!

Here the picture of how she is feeling now....come back in few days and we will discover toghether what the Master Goblin is doing!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sharing Love!

Yesterday I virtually met this amazing lady on Etsy forum.

Her dolls are wonderful and so unconventional!

She was so kind to share one of my creation her blog, so i'm here for say thanks to her and invite you to visit her page :)

In there you will find also the story of how i have decided to create this funny guy!

GraceWatsonDesign: Goblin Biker on Snail by Aida at goblinsandfairys ...: How super cute is this? Goblin Biker has been created by Aida who resides in Genoa, Italy.   Aida's inspiration behind Gobl...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let's Talk!

Hello everybody!
Moving from Ireland to Italy brought a bit of unbalance within the Goblins&Fairys.
I have taken time to reorganize my stuff and i have slowly restart to work at my orders.
I took advantage of this time to refresh a bit the Blogs and Twitter, now i'm so curious to know what do you think about them!!
Please let me know what you like and what you don't, so i'll be able to grow up! :)
New country, new ideas, new actions!
I have taken the decision to share with you my working in progress and i really hope that someone of you, from the other side of the PC, will comment my pictures sharing with me, and all of you, his opinion.
I love the idea of my stories, so i'll keep on write them  for my new products :)
What else?
Easter is coming and I'm working to some new products, I know that it's a bit late for made products for Easter, but I want anyway celebrate the event with something new!
Here some sketches

I know! The pictures is not the best one…but you can get my idea.
One wonderful Lady has bought my Troll in box for Valentine's Day and now she asked me some for every festivity, so…here we go!

Now let me see that you are out there! ;)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Lets celebrate Spring!

The spring equinox comes when night and day are of equal lenght, the spring officially begins.
Birds begin their nesting and egg-laying, and eggs - symbolic of rebirth, fertility, and immortality - are tossed into fresh furrows or eaten by ploughmen. They are also carried by those engaged in spring planting.
A charming custom is painting eggs with symbols and pictures of what one whishes to manifest in the coming year. The egg can than be buried in the Earth Mother, who hears the cries and dreams of her children.
Aengus Og is the male deity of the occasion. Son of Dagda and Boann, is the Celtic God of Love.
The female aspect of this festival is personified by Boann, River Celtic Goddess and Queen of the Sidhe - where Spring Fairies and all the Little People live -
Lets celebrate Love,Fairies, Nature. Lets celebrate Spring!
Happy Ostara!

Happy Spring Solstice!

The wheel of th eyear is running through the seasons. Ostara is arrived, may bring love and happiness to you all! Happy Alban Eiler!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

St.Patrick's Day

Great news at the Goblins&Fairys!
Our little friends have taken some days of break for move their studio from the wonderful Irish land to a new one full of sun, Italy.
They will go in Ireland from time to time for not forget their origins, but they are really happy to bring their knowledge around the world and learn new traditions.
Who knows what Italy will bring to their creations!
For the moment they are not forgetting what is going on in their land, here some lovely Trolls dressed up like Leprechauns...St. Patrick's Day is coming!!

"Fantasy Figurines" section.