Monday, July 8, 2013


Fairies, Goblins, Trolls, Orcs, Drow .... They seems to be all back and you? Have you eaten the candy of the Magic Cauldron's Giant?
Here we all have eaten in abundance and now, stronger than before, we are all back at work .... of the rest we promised you a new surprise.
This one is really special, just for you! A gift from from our fairies!
Moreover accompany us, even though silent, from much time. You come and go from the Giant's Cave, you follow all the adventures of the Little People, surely you will arrived tired at the end of the day ... and here it is!
The Dream Fairy Pillow for you! Just put it under your pillow, close your eyes and he will help you to sleep, but does not end here! In a dream, a fantastic place will appear, giant crystals, beautiful flowers, peace and harmony. It will be dream or reality?! The Sidhe, the land of fairies and goblins, you'll see!
Be respectful, Stroll around with calm and calm and some fairy will appear!
"Festivity Gifts" section.

Friday, July 5, 2013


Do not enter today inside the Goblins & Fairys, you will not find anyone ...
No fairies to welcome you, no Troll to make prank, nor any Drow to scare you ..
Have all been kidnapped by some sort of spell, a delicious and inviting aroma of warm cookies and chocolate from the Giant's Cave.
It brought them all away! One after the other as if They were hypnotized, Gourmand!
If you want to meet them, you'll have to pass the Fairy's Cave and go to the Magic Cauldron ... if you go fast, maybe you can also find a mouthful! ... It seems that there are other goodies as well as the cookies ...
However, you do not stray too much, new surprises will come from part of the fairies!