Saturday, December 21, 2013

Alban Arthuan

The solstice, the day when the sun finishes its long retreat into the southern sky and begins to move northward once again, is the birthday of the New Sun.
As the Holly King departs and the Oak King born.
It was in this day that Arthur began and fulfilled the circle of his destiny across the twelve sieges of the turning stars, and on this day shall begin it anew in time to come. Alban Arthuan, The Light of Arthur, from the point of light in the midst of darkness unfolds the creation of all things, the revolution of all that is past toward a new good.
Happy Alban Arthuan

Monday, December 16, 2013

Gold Touch

Busy time for the Little People!
Do you remember the little elf who was working to the new design for Christmas?
Very well! A lovely wood nymph came to visit him with a very special request.
She was fascinated by his wonderful little creations, and she loved have one for her Christmas tree.
For make it great and in perfect armony, she was looking for something Gold, Bronze and Brown, a fairy with this colors, this was the simple request.
What a wonderful challenge for the little Elf!
He always love when someone relies totally to him, leaving him free to express himselves.
Are you curious?

Visit our "Fantasy Figurines" for more Pictures!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


just a big THANKS for all of you that follow us and a SPECIAL one to all those who have entrusted us with their gifts!
We will back soon with new products and new stories!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

GREAT NEWS!!!!! After one day from the Little People promise, The Christmas Balls are arrived in the Shop!! Don't miss them! They are so special and everyone of you should have one in your home!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas and Yule Time

Christmas and Yule time are coming. The race to buy good gifts is started. At the Goblins&Fairys everyone is busy for satisfy all the requests of our customers.
In the higher and quiet aerea of the Magic Oak, a little Elf is working to some new design, special for this time of the year.
It's almost impoosible to see this little guy, behind the big mountain of sketches. He is working hard and focused. At any     brush strok a precious idea arise.
If you want something really special for your holyday, you don't have to miss the new creation of this magical creature!

For more products and more pictures visit the "Fantasy Figurines" section
Soon in our shop!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Time of Presents

Our Kids are still playing with the Treasury Lists of Etsy, here some new.
The Yule&Christmas time is coming and many of you are thinking to the gifts to make, maybe you can find something special in this Lists or maybe, as some of you have ready done, you can enjoy our shop and choose something really special for your dears.
All the products of the fairies are handmade, so they take a bit to be created, don't miss time, enjoy us for your special holydays!

Here a Little Taste for you:

The Link of the Treasury, if you like to see better pictures, click and comment:

The Link of our shop:

Friday, November 15, 2013

Viking Ouija Board

In this time when everyone is busy, the Trow of the northern lands were looking for new ideas for a Ouija board. They are put to work starting to carve the wood, when a figure is appeared in a thick fog at the doors of the Goblins & Fairys. Loki, Lord of Mischief, he left , the cold lands, to see if the rumors about the work of Goblins & Fairys were true. All the sons of the Sidhe were busy doing different jobs, the Lord of Shadows it has approached the Trow, and seeing the excellent work they were doing, he decided to make his contribution. He raise his halberd and with a majestic gesture has imprinted on the ouija board, such as letters, the runic alphabet. Satisfied has greeted everyone, leaving the Celtic mystical lands to return to his cold abode.

"Ouija Boards" Section

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Samhain is just past and the Little People celebrated with the abundant food prepared by the Giant of the Magic Cauldron.
Even aides of the Goblins & Fairys have honored the festivity in their own way.
We all know how the fairies are vain, no doubt about it, they are wonderful, but even a reproduction of the Goddess Morrigan with the form of fairy? It will not be too much?!
The skilled hands have sewn for days and all needed help has come from the animals of the forest.
Well I have to think again! The statue is beautiful, worthy of representing the goddess on an altar completely original!
Take a look at our "Fantasy Figurines" and at the Magic Cauldron, passing the Fairy's Cave for the Samhain Dinner. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The veil of Samhain

This day of Samhain in the Druid tradition marks the ending of one year and the beginning of another. The Sun descend in to darkness and the Earth dones her brown garments of mourning. The veil between the worlds becomes thin and the ancenstors come close to us. Their voices whisper in the autumn winds. As we stand among the falling leaves and the gray and golden light, let us remember the past and its lessons, and gather a harvest of wisdom to bear us through winter to the new spring to come.
Happy Samhain to everyone!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oak Moss

The veils of Samhain are turning down, and at the Magic Cauldron and at the Goblins&Fairys, are all busy.
Do you think that right now the giant has had to deal with a challenge between Yetis, pass the Fairy's Cave if you want to learn more!
In the land of the Sidhe the elves of the woods were enchanted by the magnificence of the oak moss.
I must say, in fact, it's beautiful! Bright green and full of energy and mysticism.
They haven't resisted, beautiful Ogham were born from that blaze of greatness.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Treasury Lists

Our Little People are very busy in this days! Many of you are coming to visit their land and we are so proud, thank you so much!
Everyone is busy...also the Little Kids! They have started a new game with the options that Etsy gives. They make lovely, and sometimes unusual, Tresury Lists with the items found on Etsy. Take some time to look at them with attentions, you will surprised by their creativity, some games are hide in them!
Here the Last one, Are you able to resolve this Rebus?!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Master Craftsgoblin

Here we go! The three Little Dragons have accomplished their mission, the Jams are safe at the Black Rabbit!
Master craftsgoblin has decided to thanks them with a really special gift.
He made them pose for a few minutes and then ... all of them away from his atelier!
Nobody was able to see what was happening inside, for 3 days!
The curiosity was growing in the Little People. At the end of the second day all the Sidhe was gathered outside the atelier of the goblin.
"It Could Work!" that's the only things they was able to heard.
The third day the goblin invited all the Little People to go inside. On the table there were the reproductions of the three little Dragon...with some smoke coming out from the nose !?! They were three lovely Cone Incense Burner!
"Fantasy Land"section.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Visit in Dublin

Three new Friends are going to visit the Black Rabbit, in Dublin, Tomorrow.
They are Funny Little Cute Dragons, and We are sure that you wan't miss them!
They are bringing on their wings something really special from the Magic Cauldron, the Mabon's jam that will be finally available at the Black Rabbit!
Soon news about their arrival on our on line shop.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mabon's Gifts

An inviting scent has invaded the Goblins & Fairys. All the little people followed the odors to the Magic Cauldron, finding food and drink in honor of Mabon. The celebrations went on all night and at dawn the Leprechauns, now drunk, have approached the giant and yelled: "Surpriseeeeeeeeeee!". Behind them sprang out of the Green Fairy, daughter of Mabon with long hair of the color of the sea and the clothes reflecting the colors of the earth, with some gifts.
She approached to the Magic Cauldron's Giant and to all present giving them the keyrings of protection, kissed by Light of Shore (Mabon).
Everyone was happy, nothing could be more perfect!
I beg you, do not miss the culinary wonders of the Magic Cauldron!

"Festivity Gift" and "Fantasy Land" sections

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Mabon

The Wheel of the Year is turning ever, through Sun tides and moon tides, through seasons and harvests, for plants, for animals, and for people, for all life moves Within the Wheel of the Year from life to death to life again. The balance and the harmony of the dance of our life is the spiral dance of Eternal Energy, lead by the God guiding us. He yearly travels the path of Nature on our Behalf That we know and not fear the cycles of our being, for balance and harmony in the motion of life are His truths. So we give you our best wishes for Mabon and we hope to bring balance and harmony in your homes through our jams, fruit of the harvest of Mabon.

"Festivity Gifts"

On line shop for the Mabon Jams

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Mabon is coming and a wonderfull Green Fairy is arrived to the Magic Oak of the Goblins&Fairys for take part to the Festivity.
Our photographer Chaz, the snail's goblin biker, is taking some pictures of the guest, but someone else is arrived to grab the spot-light, could you image who was?
Two really lively girls, Mad Madam Mim and her sister!
Chaz wanted to run away, the snail was ready to go, but being engaged with the lovely little witch, he had to take some pictures also to the two girls.
Dont you think they are adorable!?
Keep in touch for the coming Mabon's products!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Three Great Masters

More Bottles of protection, strong and effective, were created with the new harvest. To meet different cultures, the little fairies who deal with the selection of the herbs have decided, before to make put the seal from the wise dwarf, to call 3 different aides of the Goblins & Fairys and make put the new seals to them.
The leprechaun senior teacher of the symbols Oghamici, The Big Trow of the mountains, wise connoisseur of the runes, and, in the end, the erudite Air Dragon, learned observer of the heavenly bodies.
What an honor to be in presence of these three great masters, observe at their work and you'll be thrilled

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Fairies and elves go back and forth, through new products and replicas of things existing, in the magic oak of the Goblins & Fairys, there has never break!
If you could only imagine how much there is still to do!
Today the Little People want to show you the prototypes of the new amulets, do not miss them!

"Bottles &Amulets" section.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dark Air Dragon

As some of you already know, one of our dragons has asked  his reproduction made ​​of resin.
A enterprise not really simple, a strong  and dark dragon certainly could not be crafted by anyone!
Luckily the lands of the Sidhe are vast and the creatures of the Goblins & Fairys of various kinds, and so our Drows are came to help making themselves ​​available.
Do not miss this rare small black pearl in the "Fantasy Lamd" section.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Autumn Glory

Autumn is approaching and with it the new festivity.
The industrious fairies of the woods and their loving squirrels have been busy and, as indeed they are doing all the other creatures of the Sidhe, have created something unique.
A fabulous Altar Cloth inspired to Mabon and at the autumn fruits.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Funny Surprise

Wow What a great surprise by the giant of the Magic Cauldron!
He have  seen our little friends so busy that he wanted to make them a surprise... and I'd say he succeeded! What do you think?!
Pass the Fairy's Cave and when you'll be at the Magic Cauldron look the "Cakes-Kids Cakes" section.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Strange Ogham

The harvest of the Little People is constantly growing.
There are many branches selected and cataloged, ready for new Ogham.
Some of our brilliant goblins could not resist such a wealth and have crafted these Ogham really special!
Anyway are coming voices of other little creatures at work, who knows what they will show us in the next few days!

"Divinations" section.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Honoring the Mother Earth

As promised here is a new surprise from the little people!
Today they have decided to honor Mother Earth and taking inspiration to her have created a fabulous Altar Cloth by the intense meanings and also suitable for meditation.
The surprises are not finished yet, please come back and you will always be more surprised!
"Altar Clothes" section.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Harvest Time

It is not that long ago that the light of Lughnasadh kissed the mother earth making her so rich and prosperous. The little people still rejoices for the gifts that It is receiving from this majestic union.
There are many products that our little friends are crafting, taking advantage of the harvest, the sidhe is flooded with scents of herbs, fresh twigs and spices.
Look in the "Bottles & Amulets" sections and you will find the first of a long series of surprises!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Daughter of Morrigan

The small people are celebrating the birthday of a daughter of the Goddess. As always, the giant of the Magic Cauldron has demonstrated his ability and surprised everyone with a cake really unique. We are not going to describe the goodness of this delicacy, we'll let the photos to arouse your curiosity , we'll point out to you instead the symbols enclosed in this delight. The dark chocolate as a symbol of darkness, the red cream as blood of the battles, on top the symbol of the Triple Goddess.
"Pagan Cakes- Birthday Cakes"

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lughnasadh Gifts

Great excitement today! Along with the delights of Lughnasadh prepared by the Magic Cauldron, also came the nice and original creations, always in line with the ancient traditions of the goblins of the Goblins & Fairys.
"Festivity Gifts"

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Lughnasadh

In this day of first harvest dedicated to the Sun God Lugh, the Goblins & Fairys wishes you along to the creatures of the Sidhe a Happy Lughnasadh and that the abundance of this festivity makes light in your daily life. Thanks to some informer, we have known that the giant of the magic cauldron is preparing us a big surprise. Keep in touch for more information.

Happy Lughnasadh

Monday, July 8, 2013


Fairies, Goblins, Trolls, Orcs, Drow .... They seems to be all back and you? Have you eaten the candy of the Magic Cauldron's Giant?
Here we all have eaten in abundance and now, stronger than before, we are all back at work .... of the rest we promised you a new surprise.
This one is really special, just for you! A gift from from our fairies!
Moreover accompany us, even though silent, from much time. You come and go from the Giant's Cave, you follow all the adventures of the Little People, surely you will arrived tired at the end of the day ... and here it is!
The Dream Fairy Pillow for you! Just put it under your pillow, close your eyes and he will help you to sleep, but does not end here! In a dream, a fantastic place will appear, giant crystals, beautiful flowers, peace and harmony. It will be dream or reality?! The Sidhe, the land of fairies and goblins, you'll see!
Be respectful, Stroll around with calm and calm and some fairy will appear!
"Festivity Gifts" section.

Friday, July 5, 2013


Do not enter today inside the Goblins & Fairys, you will not find anyone ...
No fairies to welcome you, no Troll to make prank, nor any Drow to scare you ..
Have all been kidnapped by some sort of spell, a delicious and inviting aroma of warm cookies and chocolate from the Giant's Cave.
It brought them all away! One after the other as if They were hypnotized, Gourmand!
If you want to meet them, you'll have to pass the Fairy's Cave and go to the Magic Cauldron ... if you go fast, maybe you can also find a mouthful! ... It seems that there are other goodies as well as the cookies ...
However, you do not stray too much, new surprises will come from part of the fairies!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scary Day

A rather peculiar presence was around the Fairy's Cave, tonight.
Mists obscure have preceded him, accompanied later by the screech of horses. An icy air was beginning to breathe, when from the darkness, a figure blacker than pitch, started to be visible. A black cloak, no face under the hood and a long black scythe in hand.
Everyone, almost everyone, at that sight have gone to hide. Only the Drows were still at their stations, honoring the name of the Goblins & Fairys.
The Grim Reaper had no bad intentions at all, but rather a request for the goblins of the Goblins & Fairys. Having heard of the wonders from the Fairy's Cave, he wanted an artwork from that enchanted place. that was worthy of his darkness and that it had its representation.
Drow, Trow, Troll, Kelpie, Pooka, Spriggan, all the darkest essences of the Goblins & Fairys have come together to think about the object to create.
A beautiful Scrying Mirror, that's what they crafted!
The Grim Reaper was thrilled. Already rose in his chariot, when he turns to the Drows for a last request.
After having done to himself such a beautiful gift, he lacked just a beautiful cake to celebrate, but he did not knows anyone worthy of such an honor, who could be able to prepare it?
To this question a unanimous chorus came out from the Fairy's Cave, "The Giant of The Magic Cauldron!"
Do you say that the giant will had had scared!? Cross the Fairy's Cave to reach the Magic Cauldron, I'm sure you will find your answer, as well as the wonderful comissioned cake.
For the Scrying Mirror you can go to the section "Scrying Mirror"

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Litha Dinner

Big party these days for our friends of the Little People!
The giant of the Magic Cauldron gave his best to make a really great dinner!
Even our fairies have led as a guest of excellence, after have smelled the so inviting aromas coming from the kitchen, nothing less than their Queen!
To thank the giant of the Magic Cauldron of all the delicious food that he was cooking, the Fairy Queen gave him an amulet of protection, symbol of the festivity, as gift. Every single grass had been carefully chosen by the wiser leprechauns, then packaged by the love of all the fairies and sealed by the Goddess
The giant of the Magic Cauldron was in seventh heaven, but we can assure you that after the feast our elves are back even more excited of him!
A cold Vodka Lemonade, so delicate That You could drink in quantity, you can ask to our goblins! Grilled Tuna in a unique sauce, carrots with orange juice, perfect for our fairys, the wholewheat bread with sundried tomatoes and the motif of oak leaves, in honor of the Green Man, and finally a truly unique Berry Yogurt Ice, for all gourmands.
You find the food and the amulet attractive? then run to look at the pictures, you will find them irresistible!
Goblins&Fairys, Amulet: "Festivity Gifts"
Magic Cauldron: "Pagan Food-Litha Food"


Something special will arrive tomorrow, the Pooka of the Goblins&Fairys and the giant of the Magic Cauldron will head to the Black Rabbit (A magical little shop on 8 Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland) to delight with new products your eyes, but especially your taste buds with a piece of cake for free!!
See you there!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Scary Ogres

This day of Alban Heruin is the hinge and center of the year. The sun stands at meridian height. At this time, the bond between heaven and Earth is strongest, and sun, the regent of light and center of the spinning worlds, make most urgent his message at this turning point of the year. The meaning of Alban Heruin is the light of shore, for the shore is the meeting place of sea and land, where the two borders tremble together in a circle around the Earth. Thus we celebrate the glory of high summer, remembering the winter past and the winter to come.Many people are going in various places near rivers and mountains to celebrate the summer solstice. Everybody have started to work collecting the wood to create the big wheels intertwined with sprigs of wheat. A fairly unusual occurrence took place because of these celebrations. Our troll more curious is gone once again through the Fairy's Cave to reach the Magic Cauldron. Here's what he saw:
Due to the noise that people was making on the mountains, the ogres who live there and who love peace did not know what to do to scare them view the numerical inferiority. They headed towards the Giant's cave hoping in the giant's strength as aid. The giant after have listened the request is went immediately to the cauldron. He started to take what more was obscure among its ingredients, and mitigate all with the fresh squids caught from the dolphins and Given to him like gift. Mixed the ingredients a delicious and scented, but terrifying, black pasta came out of the cauldron.The ogres at the sight of this dish were astonished, they did not understand how such a dish can be helpful them, they had not at all asked to be fed.
The giant then explains that after eating they will have black teeth and a stinking breath, that certainly would scared anyone, even an entire army. Happy the ogres go away and the giant happy resumes its activities, since everything the little people is making party for his queen and soon will be requested its delicacies.

Happy Litha to all of you

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big Surprise

Here's the big surprise that the Sidhe's children of the Goblins & Fairys have created for the ancient Druid tradition. Three beautiful walking staff, carefully carved by the meticulous hands of the pixies.
Each stone compared to its element has been chosen from his elemental, while for the totem animals, the ogham and symbols bound to the gods have rallied the ancient guardians who reside in the circles of stones. All have worked tirelessly to bring to the light of the human eye these wonders that for centuries, even today, remain steadfast in the traditions.
Looks at the section "Druidic Staves"

Friday, May 24, 2013


After the Handfasting, the fairies of the Goblin & Fairys went flying fast in the Giant's Cave to report to him that from the first laugh of a newborn baby, a new fairy had come to life.
Having heard parents talk about a cake for Christening, and being in the mood even them of partying for the arrival of the new fairy, with an air of gratitude the fairies are became ​​visible to their eyes, to help them.
They were reassured by telling them that they would have their cake, just as they wanted and it would be ready for that happy day.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Another important piece of the Goblins & Fairys is going to be delivered overseas, bringing joy and beauty in a distant land. The Goblins of the Goblins & Fairys have decorated the package, making it worthy of its contents. Nothing complex, beauty often hides behind the simplest things and here, by the rough cardboard, are borned the rare beauty of a ondina and the funny face of an elf.
Everything now is harmonized and accompanied by extravagant greeting of the little people.
Who knows what they would be able to invent for your order, do not you want to try?!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Divination Surprise

With the passage of Beltaine, whole earth is full of great energy.
Precisely because of this the Little People of the Goblins & Fairys is activated immediately creating objects of divination as these wonderful and portable Mini Table Ouija. So that wherever you need to go you can take it with you, not giving up on your divinations, just because you are traveling.
Go to snoop in "Ouija Table" section!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Beltaine Dinner

The surprise of Beltaine is arrived, a wonderful dinner with various colors, heady flavors and a harmony that only the gods can give with their blessing to the banquet of the Magic Cauldron. 
The Little People with the belly satisfied, he took advantage of happiness given to him by this exquisite meal for prepare, according to the ancient tradition, a talisman tied to the festivity, to be donated to the giant of the Magic Cauldron as a thank you.
You can find it in the "Festivity Gifts" section

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Beltaine

Great excitement today in the land of the Sidhe, the Little People celebrating the union of the Sun to the Earth, the God and the Goddess. From today the soil impregnated by the love of  the God will engender new life in the triumph of spring. Our Leprechaun is went to the Giant's Cave to give greetings to the Magic Cauldron's giant but strangely the quarry was locked, the giant has shouted that there will be some surprises for this festivity. Happy Beltaine to all of you and you remain to look around, as we do, for to see which goodness will come out from the Cauldron.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Goblins and Fairys welcomes you in her fairy world and welcoming as friends, no joke it will be done, the little people is ready to carry you in Its wonders. Some of these are in testing, but do not worry, when they will come, will not disappoint your expectations.
If this trip to this enchanted place full of wonders has whetted the appetite to you, our tender and gourmand Leprechaun will take you into the Fairy Cave that communicates directly with the Giant Cave of the Magic Cauldron, and here you can relax your feet up and enjoy the His delicacies in the company of fairies and elves.