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I'm an italian girl, I'm a Scene Painter,Set and Costume Designer. I lived in Dublin for almost two years. I moved in Ireland to increase and to broaden my knowledge in my  druidic path. I decided to share my knowledge with others through my products that are studied, engineered and looked after according to ancient traditions. In line with my path is my pleasure collaborate and, if necessary, help the purchaser up to obtain the product most suited to his needs.
There are many products in the shop and many have yet to be made. Precisely for this reason I accept, without any kind of problem, orders upon request, also of objects not present in the shop. I look forward to creating something special for you, do not miss the opportunity.

A SONG sung dismally by a Ghost

Ye Goblins and Fairys,
With Frisks and Vagarys,
Ye Fairys and Goblins,
With Hoppings and Hoblings,
Come all, come all,
To Sir. Roger's great Hall.

All Fairys and Goblins,
All Goblins and Fairys,
With Hoppings and Hoblings,
With Frisks and Vagarys.

Sing, Goblins and Fairys,
Sing, Fairys and Goblins,
With Frisks and Vagarys,
and  Hoppings and Hoblings.

From "What D'ye Call it: A Treagi-comi-pastoral Farce." By Mr. Gay
Volume 3

I still remember the exact moment when I decided to create my first fairy.
The sister of who was my boyfriend at that time, was teaching in a decoupage course, I was sitting at the same table and I was working on a project for a theater show . I still remember the mountain of appreciations that came for my work.
She was spoken with her students of how much she loved collect fairies, Christmas was coming ... and you're done!
Of course , most people would have thought about buying one of those classic fairy in resin, the problem is that I never liked them!
I love fairies and elves , I also bought several of them, but I am very picky and selective, I thought I could do something better and give something truly unique.
I've always seen those reproductions too much cold , without care and attention. I then thinked to work on the details, for make her warm , alive!
Christmas was arrived, the relationships have changed and I am happy to say that the pretty fairy , emblem of my shop , is still mine :)
Over time, I created other fairies, elves and other characters of the little people .
The idea of ​​selling them is born during a trip to Ireland , the land of the Sidhe , where the little people stay. Several shops have shown interest in my work and also came first orders.
You can say that the name of the store is born of itself.
For many It might seems like there is a spelling mistake , but is not really so.
The inspiration comes from the text at the beginning of my story .
The word " Fairys " , in addition , unlike " Fairies " or " Faeries" more common and used, helps a lot in the search engine.

Following the success, I moved to Ireland where I lived for two years.
I don't never liked to much my first name, Angela, and in there I have decided to use Aida as artistic name. I can't explain why, but i feel this name more close to me.
From Irland I started the business on Etsy and started to collaborate with some pagan shops, introducing new products in my shop.

Live in this beautiful land, has allowed me to increase my studies in my Druid path. I like to share my knowledge and I'm always ready to put myself at the disposal of others. I like to do new research each time I have to project a new object, to enrich it and make it soaked with meaning, more than you might see at first look.

For me, creating these objects really has something magical and I feel, when I create them, like I'm in an enchanted forest in perfect harmony. I think at each object as the most beautiful and unique of its kind, the antagonist of mass production and to disposable. Through them I want to bring the pleasure of that forest to your home.

How to stage and costume designer, I think that each object, as well as being well designed and aesthetically beautiful, it must be especially well done.

As an artist I look for inspiration and innovation, something inspiegable and unexpected , that can give emotion :)

Aida: +39 3661338593

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